Here are a few things to keep in mind when eating throughout your day and filling out your Nutrition Log. After you’ve read through this information click on your trainer’s name to the left, fill in your Nutrition Log details and hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Happy eating!

Matt's Mix is great for: promoting digestive health; immunity; as an anti-oxidant; anti-inflammatory; helps eliminate water retention/cellulite; and cleanses wastes.
To Prepare Concentrate Mix: Use a 1 gallon container. Pour in 1 32 oz unsweetened not from concentrate cranberry, 32oz Goodbelly probiotic fruit drink, 32 oz.
Pure organic Aloe Vera juice. squeeze 3-4 whole organic lemons.
Individual Serving: 50% Concentrate Mix / 50% water.
Post Workout: Add Juice (amount depends on Kcals burned in workout) and Glutamine.

Instead of Sugar and Salt try these Herbs and Spices
Cayenne Dried Mustard Cinnamon
Ginger Dill Garlic
Anise Fennel Cloves
Bay Leaves Coriander Parsley
Cilantro Apple Cider Vinegar Cumin
These are your metabolic boosters!!!!

No Additional Starches, Sugars or Salts (sodium) after 3:00pm or within 6 hours of inactivity.

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