Head Triathlon Coach US Olympic Training Center

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt on a few occasions. Not only has this been sufficient to allow us to become fast and trusted friends, but I was immediately left with the realization that here was an individual who was focused, passionate, and an absolute genius at what he does. Matt is a student of performance sport and has the intellect, feel, and patience to become one of the geniuses in his field. He has an immense capacity for work and his humility allows a level of trust that every athlete requires are they to succeed to their capacity. Great coaches need deep insight into the human condition ­ Matt has this in gobbets.


Best Selling Author of The Paleo Solution

Everybody needs a Coach and I have the incredible good fortune to be working with a Jedi in the Strength & Conditioning world, Matt Pendola of Pendola Training. I am floored by his knowledge. After several days of assessments Matt has found some significant imbalances and orthopedic issues I’ve had for a long time. He worked with me to address these problems first, then at rebuilding my strength and explosiveness while building the metabolic engine I need for jiujitsu. Have not been this excited about training in ages!